Dr. Lalit Chokhani

Dr. Lalit Chokhani is a Graduate from Bombay University, India. He is also a doctor of medicine from Peoples' Friendship University Moscow (Petris Lumumba). He has represented Sherwood Medicals (USA) for 15 years in Soviet market, Tokuhon (Japan) and Indian Pharma companies namely Cipla, Himalaya Drugs, Unique Pharmaceuticals, Themis Chemicals, Glenmark and German Remedies in USSR. He has worked as a Consultant to various Russian, Indian & European Pharma companies for USSR market. In the Year 2001, he set up the first Pharmaceutical factory for Veropharm in Belgorad, in Russia.

Dr. Chokhani is the founder of Indian Branch of Russian Foundation, for Public Health, a Non - Government Organization for Doctors in Russia, under the leadership of Prof. Chuchalin. He Coordinated and actively encouraged activities in India for Prof. Fyodorov (Opthmologist), Prof. Lizarove (Orthopaedic), Prof. Burakovsky (Cardio Vascular Surgeon) and Prof. Chuchalin (Lung Specialist) for their innovative research.

In 1968 he represented India as Boy's Scout in International Pioneer Camp "ARTEK" in Crimea (USSR). He has also received a President Award as Boy's Scout from President of India Mr. V.V. Giri.

Dr. Chokhani is the President of SAMPARC, a NGO for 650 Orphaned Children and also associated with community development of rural areas in Lonavala and many other places.

He has been appointed as Hon. Consulate General for Belarus in Mumbai by the Belarusian Government.

He is married and has two daughters. He speaks Hindi, English and Russian.

Presently Dr.Chokhaniis a Consultant to:

  • ACADEMPHARM: A Pharmaceutical company of Academy of Science Belarus,
  • AKRIKHIN: The 3rd largest Pharmaceutical Company of Russia (subsidiary of Polpharma Poland).
  • ROSTA: Biggest Manufacturer and Distributor Pharmaceutical Company in
  • St. Petersberg Russia.
  • He has also set up in Mumbai the most advance dental clinic "DENTEKS"

Dr. Lalit Chokhani